Roar Star Fivel Stewart On Telling ‘Empowering’ And Progressive Western Stories Alongside Yellowstone

For the century+ that Westerns have existed in Hollywood, the genre still very much belongs to white male figures. Sure, there’ve been numerous badass women in the Old West over the years, including in the hit series Yellowstone, but there’s yet to be a story fully reliant on a female-led storyline. However, the upcoming Apple TV+ anthology series Roar does have one of those, and it’s a revenge tale starring Fivel Stewart and Alfred Molina. 

CinemaBlend spoke to Fivel Stewart during Roar’s virtual press day about leading the one-off episode “The Girl Who Loved Horses,” which had the young actress learning to ride a horse bareback for the seven weeks leading up to filming. Stewart he shared her thoughts on the experience with these words: 

It was very empowering. Westerns are dominated by males and for this episode to be short but powerful was overwhelmingly empowering. I remember going to set and just going ‘Whoa, OK. This is my episode, this is the thing that I’m doing, let’s do it. Let’s fully do it’.

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