Britons could save almost £500 a year on water with 7 ‘small’ changes

Wash clothes at a lower temperature

According to EST research, running washing at 30 degrees and using it once a week less could knock £34 a year off of the energy bill.

Be mindful of appliances

Washing machines use, on average, 60 litres per cycle, while a dishwasher uses 10 litres of water each time.

To increase efficiency and help money stretch further, Water UK experts suggest only running these sorts of appliances when they’re full.

Take a shorter shower

According to research by EST, taking a four-minute shower could save a household of four £165 a year on their energy bills and a further £100 on water bills.

Invest in a water butt

Water UK said the average roof can collect up to £85,000 litres of rain a year, which is enough to fill a water butt 450 times.

This method would be an effective method to reduce hose use in the garden, which can be a large contributor to sizeable water bills.

Use an energy-efficient showerhead

According to EST, switching to an aerated shower head could save a household of four £75 per year on the energy bill and a further £45 off their water bill.

Don’t overboil the kettle

Another small but helpful tip is to be more efficient with the kettle. If the kettle is boiling large masses of water, it will need more power to reach the boiling point.

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