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Amazon Echo prices cut as 11 new things you must ask Alexa this week REVEALED

Amazon Echo prices cut as 11 new things you must ask Alexa this week REVEALED 1

The big Black Friday sales may start in just a few weeks time but that’s not stopping Amazon from cutting prices early.

The online retailer has a number of its smart speaker devices on sale right now including the brilliant new Echo Dot with clock.

This neat little device only launched back in September but it’s already received a very decent discount with prices now starting from £44.99 – saving £15.

Amazon’s Echo Dot with clock features a small display tucked under its fabric cover which glows to reveal the time.

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This display can even adjust depending on how light or dark the room so it shines bright during the day but softens when you want to go to sleep.


Along with this new Echo Dot getting a lower price, the standard version without the clock is also now much cheaper.

This hugely popular entry-level device is currently on sale for just £24.99 – saving £15 off the original price.

Although Amazon’s Echo Dot doesn’t feature the audio power of some of its siblings it still arrives packing all of the Alexa smart features.

This means you can ask it an array of questions including weather reports, local traffic and latest news.

The Echo Dot can also turn on the lights, switch on your heating and play your favourite playlists via simple voice commands.

There is one final deal that brings Amazon’s Echo Input to your home at more affordable cost.

This device has been reduced from £34.99 to £24.99 – saving £10.

As a reminder, the Echo Input doesn’t feature its own speaker but can be connected to any music players you may own with the device then turning them smart.

If you fancy buying an Echo or already own one of these popular smart speakers then here are 11 new things to ask Alexa this week.


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Alexa, help me sleep.”

Alexa, remember, remember the 5ᵗʰ of November.”

Alexa, give me a fact about Bonfire Night.”

Alexa, learn my voice.”
Set up your voice profile so Alexa recognises your voice for a more personalised experience when playing music, making calls, setting location-based reminders and more. Learn more.

Alexa, open The Magic Door.”

Alexa, rap about cake.”

Alexa, what’s the best way to watch the fireworks?”

Alexa, tell me a doctor, doctor joke.”

Alexa, open Trivia Hero.”

Alexa, get the lift.”

Alexa, how hot is a bonfire?”


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