Asteroid warning: Earth WILL be hit by rock measurement of dinosaur-ending strike – skilled declare

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Asteroid warning: Earth WILL be hit by rock measurement of dinosaur-ending strike - skilled declare 1

The dinosaurs’ reign on Earth was delivered to an finish 66 million years in the past when a 10mile huge asteroid got here crashing into the planet. Magnitude 11 earthquakes ensued together with a sudden local weather shift, destroying the large beasts. And the identical will occur once more sooner or later, one skilled has claimed.

An asteroid the scale of the dinosaur-killer hits Earth each 100 million years on common, based on mathematician Robert Walker – and with 66 million years passing because the final one, the planet can anticipate one other one within the comparatively near-future.

Answering the query ‘Will an asteroid hit the Earth again?’ on Q&An internet site Quora, Mr Walker mentioned: “Yes. Ones as large as the Chicxulub impact every 100 million years or so on average – those are around 10km or over. The last one was 66 million years ago.”

NASA has made nice strides in discovering near-Earth objects which can be over one kilometre in measurement, with 90 % now accounted for.

Nevertheless, meaning there are nonetheless 10 % of harmful asteroids that haven’t been noticed.

Whereas the probabilities of a significant asteroid hitting Earth are small – NASA believes there’s a one-in-300,000 likelihood yearly {that a} area rock which may trigger regional harm will hit – the devastating prospect just isn’t unattainable.

That is why there at the moment are plans within the pipeline which may assist Earth from asteroids.

NASA is presently finding out Asteroid Bennu, the place its OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft arrived final 12 months.

Their OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft is gathering details about the area rock, which is 500 metres in size.

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The ESA has invested £21million in initiatives such because the Human Exploration Analysis Analog (Hera) mission, which can examine the Didymos binary asteroid, set to fly previous Earth in 2022.

Research comparable to Hera will assist the ESA higher perceive the way it can shield our planet from killer asteroid strikes.

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