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Call of Duty Warzone future patch news: What’s coming next in Modern Warfare updates?

Call of Duty Warzone future patch news: What’s coming next in Modern Warfare updates? 1

With rumours of big plans afoot for Season 4, COD gamers have been learning more about what could be coming even sooner. Future Call of Duty Warzone updates will be coming weekly and developers Infinity Ward have already confirmed they are launching new modes. Duos is one of them, and is something that was expected to follow the release of Quads.

But a new leak has surfaced that suggests that a lot more is being planned and some of it could even arrive sooner. This news comes from the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare update, which data miners have now had time to look over.

This came in two parts, the first patch was needed to be download by everyone and the second was solely needed for MW gamers. The first patch has now been combed through and a ton of new Warzone modes have been found.

Around 13 have been shared online, although only a few have full descriptions of what they are about. The most exciting new modes include an ever-moving gas cloud, jumping with your own premade loadout, and the circle moving faster than you can run.

A list of what has been found so far for Warzone Battle Royale can be found below:

  • Classic Battle Royale – No Cash, Gulag, loadouts, or respawns
  • Gulag – Dead players go to Gulag until final 3 circles, with no buybacks
  • Loadout – Start with your own loadout of choice
  • ‪Non Stop – Gas always closing
  • Damage – High damage pistols & Explosive Physics
  • ‪Fast Circle – Circle is faster than a running player
  • ‪Bottom Line – When a player dies they will drop back into the fight if they have enough cash on them with the Gulag available.
  • ‪Realism – Minimal HUD

The downside is that no release date has been set for any of this new content, meaning it could arrive at any time.

There is a lot of new content being planned, so there’s a chance that some of this stuff will be popping up in the coming weeks.

However, it should be noted that Activision has provided a short insight into what they have planned for this week, and it doesn’t include any of the listed modes.

Modern Warfare gamers can look forward to a new Demolition Mode going live, with Warzone seeing the return of Plunder Blood Money.

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