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Emily Maitlis stalker jailed after causing decades of 'misery' for BBC Newsnight presenter

Emily Maitlis’s stalker has been jailed for three years (Image: GETTY/PA)

Edward Vines, 49, was given the prison sentence after breaching the restraining order for a 12th time. The defendant sent Ms Maitlis’s mother two letters saying he was in love with the BBC journalist and said he was “distressed” when she ceased contact with him.

Sentencing at Nottingham Crown Court on Monday, a judge described Vines’s behaviour as a “life-long obsession”.

The pair attended Cambridge University together in the 1980s and Vines has stalked Ms Maitlis ever since.

He was previously jailed for three years in 2016 after breaking a restraining order.

However, he continued to write to Ms Maitlis from prison, resulting in a further 45 month sentence.

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Emily Maitlis’s stalker has been jailed for thee years (Image: BBC Newsnight)

Speaking in court today following the latest breach of the restraining order, Judge Stuart Rafferty QC said: 

“For whatever reason, you have an obsession with Emily Maitlis and it is your belief that you have been wronged by her and you have been wronged by the law.

“You are convinced that you are in love with her and, no doubt, you think she is in love with you.

“I am afraid I have to sentence you on the basis that you are a long way from any reality dawning on you.

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Edward Vines has stalked Emily Maitlis since they attended university together (Image: THAMES VALLEY POLICE)

“If you love Emily Maitlis as you say you do, one might be forgiven for saying you have a very strange way of showing it, because you have made her life, in many ways, a misery.”

The BBC Newsnight host has spoken publicly before about the “stress and paranoia” Vines has caused her through her life.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 in 2018, she said: “It just makes you jumpy – and that’s stressing and it’s tiring and it’s time-consuming.

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Emily Maitlis spoke about how Vines had caused her to be paranoid (Image: BBC RADIO 5)

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“Your head is somewhere else and you’re having to think about things that are just ludicrous, like ‘how do you get in and out of your front door’ and ‘how are they getting back from school?’

“It’s not that you think everyone is out to kill you. You recognise it as paranoid. But it doesn’t make it any easier.”

In his sentencing earlier today, Judge Rafferty added that Ms Maitlis would never “live a free life” because of Vines’s obsessive behaviour.

He told the stalker: “She can’t live a free life because of you. She is forever looking over her shoulder to see if you are there.

“If you keep breaching the order, all the court can do is lock you up.

“This at the moment has to be treated as a life-long obsession by you. All the court can do is try to protect Ms Maitlis and her family as best as it can.

“Until you can take the step to stop being the unrequited 19-year-old that you were at the start of all of this, nothing will ever change.”

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