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Empathy towards Others


A COMMON misconception about meditation is that it removes us from consciousness – that we need to stop thinking. In fact, the opposite is true.

Meditation teaches us to contemplate on ourselves using our most elevated thoughts, such as, “I am peace and my nature is peace”. Only by accepting and not by questioning can the windows to self-knowledge and self-understanding open.

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As our spiritual self-awareness becomes stronger, so does our ability to move about in the world as free and confident human beings, with increasing calmness amid life’s turbulence. We also feel a greater capacity for empathy and compassion towards others who are not at

Meditation gives us a sense of our common purpose. We are able to appreciate each of our worldly experiences with a more focused vision of what is important. In other words, we can remain in peace whilst interacting with others and fulfilling worldly responsibilities.

There is a real positive transformation of thought, attitude and action, that is felt by the self, and is consistently visible to

This acceptance gives us a chance to let the light of our inner peace shine through the compassion we create for all who are suffering and the joy we have for all that is good.

Thought for reflection:

When I have developed some degree of inner peace, I will know how and where to direct my energy for the greatest benefit.

Bridget Menezes is the author of Second Edition of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor. Readers can email her at lifestyle.bridget@ thesundaily.com.

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