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Jet2 flights: Face mask rule which could catch some travellers out

However, there is one specific type of mask that travellers must wear, and this could see some holidaymakers getting caught out.

According to Jet2: “Face masks need to cover your mouth and nose and should be either a protective or medical-style mask, or a fitted face covering.

“Coverings such as scarves, snoods, balaclavas or any similar items aren’t acceptable for travel.”

Though face coverings, such as scarves, are still being used and accepted in many public places, Jet2 is more specific about the requirements face masks must meet.

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Children under six years old and those who can not wear a mask for medical reasons are also exempt from the rule.

Jet2 says the new rules are in place to “keep everyone feeling comfortable and safe.”

The airline is also enforcing social distancing measures where possible.

“You can’t keep too much distance on the plane, but you can minimise your contact with people and surfaces,” says a statement on Jet2’s website.

“We’ll ask you to stay in your seat as much as possible, avoid queuing in the aisles and use contactless payment if you can.

“Our cabin crew want to give you as much space as possible too, so they won’t be able to help you put things in the overhead lockers.”

The airline resumed flights, however, is currently only serving destinations where customers can travel without the need for quarantine either there or upon their return home.

Destinations on offer include France and Spain.

Other UK airlines are similarly asking passengers to wear face masks while travelling.

easyJet, British Airways and Ryanair have all also set out their own specifications.

According to easyJet: “Passengers will be required to provide their own masks and we would encourage all customers to ensure they have a suitable protective face mask ready to be worn before arriving at the airport.

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“You will need to wear your mask at the boarding gate prior to boarding the aircraft, and during the flight.”

British Airways states: “We require you to wear your face mask at all times, as a guide one mask lasts four hours so please bring enough for your journey.”

Meanwhile, Irish-carrier Ryanair also shared some advice on face masks for its customers.

The Ryanair website advises: “Keep your face mask on at all times. Our crew will also be wearing face masks.”


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