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Jeremy Clarkson’s furious neighbours brand him fame-hungry in row over his farm shop plans

Jeremy Clarkson's furious neighbours brand him fame-hungry in row over his farm shop plans

He said: “The change cannot be justified as being advantageous to the building’s potential other uses, when no permission has been granted, or requested, as yet, for change of use.

“This is clearly part of the applicant’s repeated intention to use the buildings as an all day, late night cafe and bar and to wilfully ignore and abuse the planning process.”

A supporting letter for Jeremy’s planning application, written by JPPC chartered town planners, declared they are only applying for permission to appease locals.

It read: “We are aware of the level of public interest in the site and thus have made an application in order that the Council and neighbours are fully appraised of the intended works ahead of their execution.”

Express.co.uk has contacted a representative for Jeremy for comment.

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PS4 and PlayStation Store: How to Download a brand new game experience today

PS4 and PlayStation Store: How to Download a brand new game experience today

Anyone looking for something new to play this weekend can download a brand new experience on PlayStation consoles.

Those with a PS4 or PS5 console can enjoy the new release of NEO: The World Ends With You.

Releasing on July 27 on PlayStation and Nintendo platforms, The World Ends With You is an action RPG developed by Square Enix.

Those interested in trying it out can play the start of the story and advance their characters up to level 15 in preparation for next month.

And there is plenty of combat to test out, with Square Enix confirming this week regarding the new demo launch:

“The streets of Shibuya are full of dangers, and we’re not just talking about the hordes of pedestrians. Rindo and the gang will also have to band together to defeat dangerous enemies called Noise.


“Fortunately, you can customise your team’s play style, equipping each member with an individual pin that gives them access to amazing psychic powers called Psychs. These abilities include all kinds of effects, from launching enemies into the air and attacking them in close combat, to volleying them with projectiles – the way you fight is up to you.”

The good news is that the first NEO experience is now available to download a full month before the full game releases.

Square Enix has also confirmed that the World Ends With You Demo will have cross-save support.

This means that gamers who are preparing to buy the game in July will be able to start collecting items and making progress that will transfer over to the final experience.

“There’s no need for you to worry about restarting the game, losing your pins, or having to level up your team again.


It was just another seemingly ordinary day in Shibuya-but not for Rindo. He could tell something about the city felt different.

He soon finds himself caught in the telekinetic crossfire of a psychic battle unfolding in the Scramble Crossing. And before he can catch his breath, a girl with an ominous aura appears before him and welcomes him to the so-called “Reaper’s Game.”

With some trepidation, Rindo and his friend Fret play along, convincing themselves that a “Game” couldn’t have any serious consequences. It isn’t long, however, until they start having second thoughts.

Rindo’s instinct was right: something about this Shibuya is different.

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'Too much Braveheart!' Britons brand Scottish nationalists 'pathetic' for attack on Queen

'Too much Braveheart!' Britons brand Scottish nationalists 'pathetic' for attack on Queen

The monarch will visit charities and businesses in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. However, the move infuriated some online nationalists, with one branding it “patronising” and hoping “the heavens open” during the trip.

One nationalist tweeted: “Her previous union is dead…”

While someone else called the Queen a “sponger” who is going on a “free holiday”.

However, following their reactions, Scottish nationalists have been shamed for disrespecting the Monarch just months after she buried her husband Prince Philip.

One Express.co.uk reader said: “This woman is a hideous and vile piece of work, claiming that the country is already no longer a union.

“This useless one-trick mouth needs to be put in her place.”

Someone else said: “These ardent Scot Nats need to learn their history.

“The Act of Union of 1707 was driven largely by Scottish proponents to avoid impending bankruptcy, so the UK can hardly be described as QE’s Union.

“Like all fanatics, they never learn, blinkered by their own partisan version of events.”

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“Shame on them!”

Others said the SNP does not “speak for most of the Scottish people”.

One person said: “Most people in Scotland will be disgusted by the actions of a crazed minority.

“It won’t help the nationalists, but it will help the Union.”

Someone else said: “William Wallace was an EU separatist and he failed too.

“The Union has won for over 300 years God bless the Queen and the Union.”

Another Express.co.uk reader commented: “They don’t deserve to be part of the UK.

“Our Queen is one of the greatest humans on the planet.

“I say let’s have our own referendum on Scotland and kick them out!!!”

The four-day tour will last from June 28 to July 1, with the Queen staying at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Queen Elizabeth II will be joined by Prince William for one day and later Princess Anne.

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L.A. clothing designer creates sustainable underwear brand that supports local business

L.A. clothing designer creates sustainable underwear brand that supports local business

LOS ANGELES — Greatwood Underwear founder and designer Jermelle F. Pitts has been passionate about quality men’s underwear for as long as he can remember. When starting his own underwear line in 2018, the goal was to create a product that is sustainable.

Pitts set out to create a brand that is based locally in downtown Los Angeles. According to Shon Simon, owner of the clothing manufacturer Pitts works with, all of the manufacturing, textiles, waistbands, and fabric are created in Los Angeles. She said, “He’s the perfect candidate for doing it locally.”

One of the highlights to Pitts’ underwear design is a special lining of a fabric called modal. Simon said, “It is a eco-friendly fabric. It’s antimicrobial, antibacterial, and it holds odor in a way that keeps you fresh.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic originally threatened his business, Pitts ultimately saw an increase in sales in 2020 after the Black Lives Matter movement prompted people to support Black-owned businesses. “However,” Pitts said, “now that it’s not at the forefront of the news anymore, sales have declined.”

Another challenge Pitts faces is being a Black gay designer in an industry that is still not very inclusive. Pitts said, “But everyday you just have to wake up, stay focused, and just go for the plan, and just follow your dream.”

Shop Greatwood Underwear https://www.greatwoodunderwear.com/
Visit Greatwood Underwear on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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Tetris 99 Charges Into Battle With A Brand New Miitopia Theme

Tetris 99 Charges Into Battle
© Nintendo

If you’re in need of a break from Pac-Man 99 and Super Bomberman R Online, why not return to Tetris 99 this weekend?

Nintendo’s battle royale is hosting another themed event – this time allowing players to unlock a special Miitopia theme, in its latest Maximus Cup. It runs from 18th June until 21st June and requires players to unlock 100 event points. Here’s a look:

twitter nintendo of america

If you haven’t got the time this weekend, there’s no need to worry. As of April, Tetris 99 now allows players to exchange tickets for the event themes they’ve missed. The average theme costs around 30 tickets.

Will you be participating in this upcoming Tetris 99 event? Leave a comment down below.

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Far Cry 6 gameplay and release date REVEAL: Watch brand new open-world footage today

Far Cry 6 gameplay and release date REVEAL: Watch brand new open-world footage today
Far Cry 6 fans will finally get a chance to watch gameplay footage from the upcoming Ubisoft release.

Far Cry 6 will finally be shown off as part of an Ubisoft live stream on May 28.

Available to watch on social media and YouTube, the Far Cry 6 live gameplay reveal will take place at 5.30pm BST for fans living in the UK.

Of course, you can watch it live right here by clicking play on the YouTube embed below.

According to Ubisoft, the video will focus primarily on Far Cry 6 gameplay footage. 

Expect to see more from the lead characters, a first look at the new setting, and perhaps even a Far Cry 6 release date.

Breaking Bad villain Giancarlo Esposito will have a starring role in the game, playing ruthless dictator Anton Castillo.

Despite the star power, players will actually control a guerrilla fighter named Dani Rojas.

“Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time,” reads the official description. 

“As the dictator of Yara, Anton Castillo is intent on restoring his nation back to its former glory by any means, with his son, Diego, following in his bloody footsteps.

“Their ruthless oppression has ignited a revolution. Play as Dani Rojas, a local Yaran and become a guerrilla fighter to liberate the nation.

“Fight against Anton’s troops in the largest Far Cry playground to date across jungles, beaches and Esperanza the capital city of Yara.

“Employ makeshift weapons, vehicles, and Amigos, the new Fangs for Hire to burn the tyrannical regime to the ground.”

Far Cry 6 is coming to PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

It will also be available on the Google Stadia streaming platform, as well as the Amazon Luna gaming service.

As an added bonus, a selection of Far Cry games are available at discounted prices on the PlayStation Store.

Far Cry 3: Classic Edition is available for just £2.49, Far Cry 4 is down to £4.99, while Far Cry 5 is reduced to £6.99.

Far Cry 5 spinoff New Dawn is also available at a discounted price, costing £11.99 as part of the Days of Play sale.

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Sega Looking To Release Brand New “Super Game” In The Next Five Years

Sega© Sega

Sega has revealed that it’s planning on releasing a new “super game” in the next five years (thanks, VGC).

The plans were published as part of the company’s recent financial results briefing, which also outlines precisely what Sega has planned for its short-term future.

Listed as a ‘priority strategy for the next five years, an undisclosed “super” release will be a brand-new IP, and will therefore have low profitability, at least in the short term. However, Sega adds that growth potential is high, as the game will be sold globally.

Also over the next five years, Sega will look to leverage its existing catalogue of IP in the form of sequels, reboots and remakes. This approach was mentioned back in 2017, and has already given us the excellent Streets of Rage 4. Funnily enough, Sega cites Streets of Rage – as well as Shinobi, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, Rez, Virtua Fighter and Altered Beast – as potential candidates for this approach.

Sega0© Sega
Sega2© Sega

In the shorter term, Sega plans over the next three years to “strengthen existing IPs to build a solid structure” with brands such as Sonic, Phantasy Star Online 2, Persona 5, Yakuza and Total War being the main targets of this strategy.

Elsewhere in the report, Sega revealed that 4.4 million Sonic games had been sold in the past year, despite no new Sonic title being published in that timeframe. 4 million Total War games were sold in the past year, as well as 3.8 million Football Manager titles and 3 million Persona games. It wasn’t all good news, however; the Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on Sega’s pachinko business, which suffered an operating loss of 10.6 billion yen ($ 96.7 million) in the past year.

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Russell Brand bragged of kissing Meghan Markle before she met Prince Harry: 'Snogged her!'

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

Russell Brand bragged of kissing Meghan Markle before she met Prince Harry: 'Snogged her!'

The Sussexes have many friends in high places since moving to the US to start a new life away from royal duties. Meghan’s career in acting saw her star in films and TV series with other big showbiz names, including a not so well-known appearance with Russell Brand. The comedian and actor starred in ‘Get Him to the Greek’, released in 2010. In the film, Meghan plays a partygoer called Tatiana – and Brand talked about a scene in which the two stars kissed.

He said during an episode of Loose Women: “She was in a film that I was in — I had done a film, Get Him to the Greek, it was called, a bloody good film — Meghan Markle, didn’t know at the time because she wasn’t married to a royal person, so I wasn’t paying attention.

“Well I think in it, I don’t remember the film that much… but I think I planted one on her, I think, in the scene.

“But that was scripted in the scene. I only know this because I think I saw a clip of it somewhere.”

Discussing the moment again in 2018, just two days before Harry and Meghan’s wedding, Brand joked about stopping their marriage.

He said: “Meghan Markle, there we go. ‘If anyone has any reason…’.

‘“Yeah! Russell Brand snogged her in a film!’ Never mind her bloody dad selling photos!”

Brand was referring to reports that Meghan’s father had collaborated with the paparazzi to create “staged” photos before their nuptials in Windsor.

Harry and Meghan have endured a chaotic last year-and-a-half since leaving royal duties for a new life in the US.

Suspicions of tension between the Sussexes and the rest of the Royal Family, especially Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, were seemingly confirmed after their interview with Oprah Winfrey last month.

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The pair married 10 years ago today, and Kate was able to receive the ring as Harry offered his brother the chance to use it instead.

Paul Burrell has confirmed the ring belonged to Harry following the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

He said: “Harry said to him: ‘Wouldn’t it be fitting if she had mummy’s ring?’.

“Then one day that ring will be sat on the throne of England. Harry gave up his precious treasure.

“His one thing he kept from his mother, he gave to his brother. That’s selfless, kind and exactly who Diana was.”

'Chadwick Boseman was robbed’ Jo Brand left 'disappointed' over Anthony Hopkins Oscar win

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

'Chadwick Boseman was robbed’ Jo Brand left 'disappointed' over Anthony Hopkins Oscar win

Another said: “The Oscars were so sure that Chadwick Boseman was going to win that they REARRANGED THE ENTIRE CEREMONY so his category could be last, and then they gave the award to Anthony Hopkins instead…the most chaotic and unhinged thing I’ve ever seen.”

“An absent Anthony Hopkins winning over Chadwick Boseman during a ceremony built to end around a Boseman win while Joaquin Phoenix awkwardly stumbles through it all is…wow. Chaos!” someone else agreed.

Others raged at the Academy for allowing it to happen, snapping: “Now why the hell would you nominate Chadwick Boseman, a man who gave the most incredible performances in his short career, and not give the award to him???? That was a perfect opportunity to honor him and all that he has done and you completed wasted it. F**k the academy,” they wrote.

Other nominees in that category included Riz Ahmed for Sound of Metal, Gary Oldman in Mank and Steven Yuen for Minari.

End of an era: LG becomes 1st major brand to wind down its global smartphone business

End of an era: LG becomes 1st major brand to wind down its global smartphone business

South Korean electronics giant LG Electronics has announced that it will no longer produce and sell smartphones after years of huge losses in the highly competitive market.

While the move has been rumored for weeks, the company confirmed that the board of directors approved the “strategic” decision to shut down the loss-making mobile division on Monday.

The South Korean tech powerhouse, which was once the world’s third-largest handset maker, expects to fully wind down the unit’s operations by the end of July, but some of its phones could still be available for sale until inventories run out. LG also promised to support existing models for a certain period of time, depending on region.
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LG is planning to focus instead on “growth areas such as electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business-to-business solutions, as well as platforms and services,” the company said in a statement. It will also continue to develop some mobility-related technologies such as 6G.

“The writing was on the wall for LG and now it’s confirmed,” Neil Shah, partner at research provider Counterpoint, wrote on Twitter. “One thing which has helped LG stay afloat for so many years is because of their vertical integration. They are a ‘mini Samsung.’”

The South Korean brand’s mobile division has faced mounting losses over the past five years, reportedly totaling $ 4.5 billion. Abandoning the loss-making mobile business could boost the company’s operating profits, taking it to new highs, after last year’s record of 3.2 trillion won ($ 2.85 billion).

LG’s share in the global smartphone market stands at around 2%, according to the most recent data from Counterpoint. The South Korean electronics producer shipped only 24 million phones in 2020, while global leaders Samsung and Apple shipped nearly 256 million and over 201 million respectively. Those brands are expected to fill the gap left by LG.

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