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William to ‘be king sooner than expected’ – psychic issues ominous warning to Charles

Queen beams at mention of Prince William in private chat

The Prince of Wales will inherit the throne when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, either steps down or dies. However, Prince Charles has been warned that his son and heir, Prince William, could ascend to the throne sooner than expected, a TV psychic has claimed.

Deborah Davies, a psychic who stars in the Real Housewives of Cheshire, previously predicted the death of Prince Philip and a “new disease” ahead of the coronavirus pandemic.

And now, Ms Davies – who identifies as a psychic medium – went on to predict how she thinks William will be King sooner than people expect.

She predicted: “I also think William will be king sooner than people expect!”

Back in June, a poll found more than half of respondents would prefer Prince William to be the next King rather than his father.

Prince William could be king sooner than people think (Image: PA)

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles (Image: PA)

The poll looked into what voters in four different EU countries think of the Royal Family and the monarchy.

And more than half of the Europeans who took part in the survey, 56 percent, said they would prefer Prince William to become the next British monarch rather than the Prince of Wales.

Only 18 percent of the surveyed chose Prince Charles when asked who they would like to see succeeding the Queen on the throne.

The results appeared to show Europeans sharing a similar sentiment with Britons when it comes to who should become King next.

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Prince Charles is heir to the throne (Image: PA)

A survey carried out by Deltapoll for the Mirror between 31 March and 1 April on 1,590 people showed nearly half, 47 percent, of the respondents want Prince William to ascend to the throne after the Queen.

Only 27 percent of the British adults polled named Prince Charles, who was invested Prince of Wales in 1969.

Moreover, 18 percent said there should be no monarch after the end of the Queen’s reign.

This survey was carried out on a total of 6,000 people – including 1,500 adults eligible to vote and living in France, 1,500 Spaniards, 1,500 Italians and 1,500 Germans.

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Royal Family tree (Image: Express)

The interviews were conducted online on June 7 with people based in France, Italy and Spain and on June 8 with German adults.

The research was conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies and commissioned by Euronews as part of its new ‘Feel Connected to Europe’ initiative.

In preparation for this new role, the Duke of Cambridge has been taking an interest in how his father has been administering the Duchy of Cornwall.

In a 2019 ITV documentary ‘Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall’, William spoke about how he had started to think about inheriting the Duchy, how he would administer it and the importance of family.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Camilla and Prince Charles (Image: Getty)

The Duke’s discussions over the succession reduced Prince Charles to tears, the Prince of Wales himself confessed during the documentary.

Over recent years, the Royal Family has been subjected to criticism over Prince Andrew’s former ties with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Most recently, the Firm has faced huge backlash following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their children (Image: Splash)

The couple relocated to California with their son Archie and have since welcomed a daughter, Lilibet Diana.

In her latest prediction, Ms Davies also said Meghan Markle and Harry’s departure from the Firm could cause a rift between the couple.

She told the Daily Star: “I think Harry is missing the UK and his family, I think Meghan is steadfast that she won’t have anything to do with the UK and I think this will cause a divide between them.”

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Queen wants Edward to be bestowed Edinburgh title once Prince Charles becomes king

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip wanted their youngest son Prince Edward to be given the title of Duke of Edinburgh once their eldest son Prince Charles becomes king. They reportedly assured him ahead of his marriage to Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999.

Prince Charles inherited the title in April after his father’s death, and once he succeeds Her Majesty the title will automatically revert back to the crown.

Doubts have emerged in recent days about the Earl of Wessex being granted the title once Charles becomes king, with one expert suggesting the Queen may need to “have a word” with her eldest to ensure her and Philip’s will is respected.

Royal expert Richard Kay was reported to have said: “My feeling is that if the Queen were to have a word in her son’s ear, then Charles would fall into line and Edward will get the title.”

The royal commentator continued: “He’s doing so much of the monarchical duties, he’s the head of the family effectively now, all the problems with Prince Harry, Prince Andrew uncertainty over his scandal. You’d have thought this wouldn’t have mattered but these things matter to the royals – they take these titles incredibly seriously.”

Prince Charles has become the de facto head of the family since Prince Philip’s demise in April as he now is the most senior male member of the monarchy.

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Prince Charles sees role of king ‘as being a long way off’ in ‘intimate’ visit to Wales

Prince Charles has returned to Wales numerous times since his investiture in 1969. He has previously spoken about his love for the nation and even spent a few months living in its Welsh-speaking heartlands, learning the language and getting to know its people and its culture. But what did Charles’ latest visit reveal about his role as Prince of Wales?

Body language expert Judi James gave her professional insight on the way the prince acted during the visit.

She said: “As Prince of Wales, Charles clearly will feel some sense of bonding as he visits here and it is clear from his body language that there were several issues or meetings that were close to his heart.”

Judi referred to Charles’ conversation with a member of St Brynach Church who showed him the place of worship’s “bleeding” yew trees – 700 year old trees with red-coloured sap.

Judi said: “His intense listening signals as he examined an ancient tree and churchyard, including brows puckered in concentration and the way he appeared to be leading the conversation at the ‘bleeding’ yew, leaning up and pointing as though keen to discover more facts, all show him looking genuinely fascinated and engaged.”

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Both Camilla and Charles visited the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where Judi said Camilla took on a “more passive role”.

“She is working with her husband to provide a very complimentary double act where he is the one in the spotlight while she offers quiet support and approval signals.

“But we can see her engaging a little more deeply and even reaching out to touch a costume at one point.”

Judi added: “Her very kindly-looking smile, with eye-crinkling and a slightly pulling down of the corners of the mouth, does provide a very attractive alternative to Charles’s sometimes intense-looking body language rituals.”

“He looks keen to create rapport in the same way that his father did, although an important part of Prince Philip’s body language was the twinkle in his eye as he challenged or questioned people, and that is a trait that Princess Anne inherited rather than her older brother.”

Judi looked more generally at the way Charles behaved during his latest Welsh visit, claiming that the prince took on a more personable persona, rather than a regal one, when in the country.

She said: “Charles has often shown a rather sombre approach to his role as future king as though it weighs very heavily on his shoulders.

“With the Queen now appearing to have gone through some kind of a renaissance recently, storming through her workload with an energy and a smile that belies her years, Charles seems to be adopting a more relaxed approach to his current role.

“This suggests that he still seems to see his role as king as being a long way off yet.”

Judi continued: “Charles has been looking more relaxed and more open to having fun on his visits than ever before.

“And this suggests he is still relishing his slightly less responsible role in the firm for as long as possible.

“There appears to be no air of impending doom settling over his body language, but instead we can see him using nudge gestures here in what appears to be an attempt to share jokes with the people he is visiting.

“There are no photos here suggesting a triumphant return to the land where he is Prince, either.

“The groups he is shown speaking to are small and when he waves at the crowd there only appears to be one person waving back.

“There appears to be an attempt to use images that present this visit as low-key and intimate rather than regal.”

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Norway’s King Harald sends condolences to Germany and Belgium: “It’s a terrible natural disaster”

King Harald has sent his condolences to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and King Philippe of Belgium after the terrible floods hit the two countries.

“On behalf of myself and the Norwegian people, I send my condolences and ask that this be passed on to the bereaved and affected by this terrible natural disaster,” King Harald wrote on Saturday.

Furthermore, the king noted that he was sad to hear about the floods that have caused so much destruction and taken so many lives.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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Thornbury Castle: See inside King Henry VIII’s honeymoon getaway where you can now stay

Thornbury Castle was originally built by Edward Stafford, the only man to rival King Henry’s wealth and status at that time.

It was a display of wealth and ambition that Henry did not take kindly to, and after Stafford was found guilty of treason, His Majesty took control of the castle.

Visiting guests can also enjoy a variety of traditional and modern medieval activities to make them feel they have travelled back in time.

Choose from bespoke historical tours, axe throwing, sword skills, archery, falconry, croquet on the lawn and even the opportunity to ‘Become a Tudor Queen’ for the day.

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Camilla could get unprecedented title when Prince Charles becomes king

There have long been reports that Prince Charles plans to mix things up and slim down the monarchy when he becomes king.

And one way he could do this is by giving his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, an unprecedented title when he ascends the throne.

Usually, the wife of a king uses the title of Queen Consort and ever since they went public with their relationship there has been much discussion about the role his second wife will take when the Queen passes away.

But at the time of their marriage in 2005, an official statement said it is “intended that The Duchess will be known as HRH The Princess Consort”.

At the time of their marriage, it was revealed that Camilla would be known as Princess Consort when Charles becomes king

This would make Camilla, who celebrates her 74th birthday today, the first British royal to ever use the title of Princess Consort.

Public opinion of the Duchess was previously not favourable due to her relationship with Charles, and it is thought this is why she will be known as Princess Consort rather than Queen.

However, royal expert Robert Jobson has previously claimed that Camilla will be Queen and believes the word ‘intended’ was used in the original wording of the statement to give the public time to warm to her.

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Camilla celebrates her 74th birthday today

In his book Charles at 70: Thoughts, Hopes And Dreams, he writes: “The critical word in this statement, of course, was ‘intended’. What Clarence House was doing was buying time — time for a hostile public to warm to Camilla.

“Prince Charles, however, has always intended her to become his queen consort. According to an inside source, he’d already decided that before their wedding.”

Meanwhile, in 2018, the Prince of Wales website removed statements saying Camilla will be known as Princess Consort.

The Prince of Wales website removed statements in 2018 saying Camilla will be known as Princess Consort – but Clarence House said this would still be the case

The title was included in the site’s frequently asked questions section and in Camilla’s biography.

However, Clarence House said at the time that the statement about Camilla’s title when the pair married “has not changed”.

It also added that the changes were made to the website because the issue of Camilla being called Queen had not been raised recently.

A Clarence House spokeswoman said: “Our frequently asked questions are updated regularly.

“This is one question [we have] not been asked by the public for some time, which is why it no longer features.”

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Elvis Presley ex Linda Thompson shares throwback pictures from her time dating The King

It’s been almost 50 years since Elvis first met Linda Thompson, the former Miss Tennessee model. The couple ended up living together at Graceland from 1972-76 and in more recent years his former girlfriend has been sharing photos of their time together. In some of her latest Instagram stories, the 71-year-old posted a video collage of couple photos from the elvis_and_linda_gram page.

Linda also shared a picture of The King driving one of his many cars with Tiger Man played over the top.

His former girlfriend captioned the image: “There’s ‘cool’ then there’s ‘Elvis cool’ Great candid…”

Back in 2016, Linda published an autobiography called A Little Thing Called Life: On Loving Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner and Songs in Between.

The page elvis_and_linda_gram recently posted a clip from an event where Linda was promoting the book, in which she described how she approached writing about The King.

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Linda shared some photos of herself with David Stanley inside that hotel that is now called Westgate.

She wrote on Instagram: “What a great few days & nights in Vegas! I love @palazzovegas where I usually stay.

“It was so nostalgic getting to revisit the city where I lived for 9 months of the 4 1/2 years Elvis & I were together!

“I had a lovely lunch & sweet visit with Elvis’s stepbrother David Stanley at the old Hilton international which is now the Westgate.”

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Prince Charles body language ‘dilemma’ as future king goes on ‘unusual’ visit – pictures

Prince Charles, 72, visited bank Goldman Sachs’ new European headquarters in London on Wednesday. The future king is a champion of environmental causes and was there to endorse the new building’s carbon emissions-cutting features.

Clarence House shared photos and footage of the Prince’s latest outing on Twitter.

The first tweet read: “The Prince of Wales today visited @GoldmanSachs.

“Founded in 1869, the company delivers a broad range of financial services across investment banking, securities, investment management and consumer banking to a large and diversified client base.”

A second followed up: “The sustainability features built into @GoldmanSachs’ new HQ result in a 25% reduction in annual CO2 emissions.”

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The future king settled for formal body language in the end and treated the lined-up members of bank staff as if they were “troops on parade”.

Judi added: “In the end Charles appears to have settled for the kind of rituals that he might use when he’s inspecting troops on parade, walking down the line of workers with one hand part-stuffed in his jacket pocket in a rather awkward-looking truncated ritual after chatting to a small group that clapped him on arrival.”

The prince played on his “desire to be popular” when meeting groups of people, Judi claimed.

She added: “The prince also seems to have played to the crowd a little here, hinting at a desire to look popular.”

Charles adopted a celebrity-esque wave rather than a more reserved royal flick of the hand.

Judi added: “His high waving hand gesture was less of a tempered royal wave and more something a little bit celebrity.”

On Wednesday, Charles spoke to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about sustainable farming.

Touching on the “hidden costs” of modern industrial farming, the eco-conscious Prince said: “The fact that these costs are hidden encourages us to ignore them; for example, our current approach is forcing many small family farms to the wall.

“If they go, it will quite simply rip the heart out of the British countryside and break the backbone of Britain’s rural communities.”

He added: “If we regenerate degraded soils around the world, we could capture as much as 70 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, so you can see farming can play a big part in protecting the planet.”

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