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The hidden sign of Parkinson’s disease in your walk – could you be at risk?

Parkinson’s is caused by a loss of nerve cells in a specific part of the brain.

These nerve cells are used to help send messages between the brain and the nervous system.

Parkinson’s disease symptoms tend to develop gradually, and only appear as mild at first.

One of the key early warning signs of the neurodegenerative condition is unexplained changes to the way you walk, it’s been revealed.

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“Symptoms vary from person to person and a number of other illnesses have similar symptoms, which means misdiagnoses can occur,” said EPDA.

“If you suspect you, or someone you know has Parkinson’s, it is important to see a doctor or neurologist soon.

“Early physical signs include the common motor symptoms: tremor, muscle rigidity and slowness.

“They may also include the following: Symptoms starting on one side of the body, change in facial expression, stooped posture, [and] limping or dragging of one leg.”

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Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include tremors, slow movement, and muscle stiffness.

The muscle stiffness makes facial expressions more difficult, said the charity.

Tremors usually start in the hand or the arm, and are more likely to occur when the arm is relaxed.

There are about 145,000 people in the UK with Parkinson’s disease, and it’s the fastest growing neurological condition in the world.

Source:Daily Express :: Health Feed

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