Xbox One News: Shock Playstation Update Following Microsoft Next Gen Tease

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Xbox One News: Shock Playstation Update Following Microsoft Next Gen Tease

Xbox One games news and Microsoft hints (Image: MICROSOFT)

UPDATE ONE: Microsoft has started to hype their E3 2019 presence with new hints on big reveals and news. This looks set to include updates on new game projects, as well as hardware features.

“This is going to be a fun E3 for us… we had a discussion internally,” Spencer told Larry Hryb in a new podcast session. “Should we go big? Should we save some money? No, we’re going to do our thing and we’re going to go and be as big at E3 as we’ve ever been.

“And I love that opportunity to be with our fans and the industry… We’re still going through some of the discussions on how much long-term and how much near-term [games] do we talk about… I’m a proponent for being as transparent as can be… I feel really good about our plans… The content that we’ll have will be great and we’ll talk about our future. We’ll talk more about what the Xbox brand means to us… We have millions of Xbox customers… we see them on a phone or another device… We want to make that possible.

The reference to future plans could be a subtle hint at revealing the Xbox Two, Or it could be connected to the new Microsoft game streaming service, with a possible released being worked on for after the show.

Spencer spoke a little about the xCloud, adding: “One thing I was doing on holiday was that I was playing games on xCloud… We want to make sure we get it as right as we can. We want to test it… to anyone else on the service, I’m just playing… It’ll be years before this is the primary way people are playing… but let’s think about our future… We should also have these five to ten-year views on where things can go.”

ORIGINAL: A killer Sony PlayStation feature not yet available on Microsoft’s Xbox One is performing very well on the PS4.

While Microsoft managed to boost their sales numbers with the Xbox One X, which has proven very popular with fans, they didn’t hold to their word on another idea.

Virtual Reality is now a fully realised market that caters to only one major console.

And while Microsoft promised they would follow Sony PlayStation into that new market, plans now appear to have been cancelled.

No further news is expected regarding VR support for the Xbox One X, which is a bit of a shame.

Especially when you hear the latest news that the PlayStation VR is now doing very well.

According to a new report from Super Data, the PSVR is now the market-leading virtual reality device.

This was achieved through a strategy based on PlayStation VR discounts during key sales months.

The PSVR sold 700K PlayStation VR units in Q4, making it the best selling virtual reality device for that period.

Super Data confirms that the PlayStation VR overtook Samsung Gear VR to become the market leader and also led to an increase in user adoption.

VR revenue is estimated at $3.6B, up 30% year-over-year and a top number for an exclusive console feature.

“Following a robust holiday season, 700K PlayStation VR units sold in Q4, followed by 555K Oculus Go units, then 160K Oculus Rift units and 130K HTC VIVE units,” the Super Data report reads.

“PlayStation VR overtook Samsung Gear VR to become the market leader as consumers craved higher-end experiences in console, PC and standalone headsets.

“Overall, the increase in user adoption pushed annual VR revenue to $3.6B, up 30% year-over-year…

“PlayStation VR was the headset of choice for gamers during the holiday season thanks to steep Black Friday discounts and the addition of critically acclaimed titles like Beat Saber.”

So does Microsoft have any plans for VR in the coming months?

While there is a chance that the Xbox Two will offer VR support, it doesn’t sound likely for the existing Xbox One X.

Mike Ybarra, Vice President of Xbox, recently revealed that he thought VR still lacked a killer app.

“No. Google Earth is cool but not even close to what is needed to make the tech worthwhile. Sigh,” he tweeted.

Xbox One VR for 2020?

Xbox VR to be announced in 2020? (Image: MICROSOFT)

It’s unclear if this VR comment is something that reflects how things will move forward at Microsoft, or is simply an observation on what is available right now.

The Xbox Two isn’t expected on shelves until 2020 at the earliest, meaning there is plenty of time for Microsoft to dabble with the tech. IDC Analyst Lewis Ward has backed Microsoft to support Mixed Reality with their next-gen device.

Ward reports that the Xbox One X is capable of supporting VR right now and while Microsoft has failed to pull the trigger, this shouldn’t stop them in the future.

So if a big virtual reality reveal in 2019 is unlikely, what could be announced for Microsoft’s Xbox brand?

Well, it appears that Xbox boss Phil Spencer is already teasing some big news for later this year. Microsoft uses the big E3 expo in LA to showcase most of their headlining projects.

Fans are hoping to hear more about the next Halo game during E3 2019, along with whatever other exciting projects they have in the works.

And the hype is already starting to build, with Spencer revealing more on their plans during a recent podcast session with Larry Hyrb.

Spencer revealed that Microsoft would not be sidestepping the event like Sony, and will be showcasing the usual amount of projects.

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